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Modern Apps Thrive on Cloud-Adjacent Colocation and Bare Metal Services

Cloud-adjacent infrastructure brings the agility and cost-effectiveness of easy, on-demand access to public cloud services
November 1, 2023
Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure is enabling much of the digital transformation taking place, with 62% of companies describing their IT environment as hybrid. This trend is driven, in part, by organizations looking to capitalize on the agility and time-to-market benefits of the public cloud that still require their infrastructure to support their budget, performance, security, resiliency, and control requirements.

Cloud-adjacent infrastructure brings the agility and cost-effectiveness of easy, on-demand access to public cloud services alongside super-fast, secure connections to high-performance systems in a colocation data center you can control, trust, and depend on.

This post will explore the top benefits and use cases for enabling a cloud adjacent architecture.
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Benefits of cloud-adjacent infrastructure

Organizations are turning to purpose-built cloud-adjacent data centers that offer low-latency connections to critical systems and data to meet the demands of lightning-fast applications and services. Cloud-adjacent infrastructure and storage, such as that offered by Evocative, is shaping the future of hybrid cloud to meet these growing demands.

In addition to the agility and cost-efficiency benefits of the cloud, data resides on secure, dedicated hardware in a cloud-adjacent environment. This best-of-both-worlds infrastructure combines public cloud flexibility with the speed and the power of on-premises, in-country data sovereignty, allowing organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Equally important, when considering your options not just from an operational perspective but also from a business perspective, cloud adjacency allows you to optimize and predict spend, increase control, improve governance, and maximize efficiency to ensure you get the best return on your investment in your system and data delivery transformation—however and wherever you do business.

Apps and services are driving cloud deployment decisions

Customers expect to have their digitally-connected experiences (and data) served to them safely, without delay or disruption. Similarly, business partners require their digital business processes (and data) to be delivered with real-time access, guaranteed resiliency, and built-in disaster recovery. Cloud-adjacent infrastructure helps in both sets of example cases:
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Employee and Partner Facing
  • Personal fitness: Real-time health tracking and personalized fitness guidance
  • Augmented shopping: Seamless virtual trials and feedback with instant transactions
  • On-demand delivery: Instant order updates and precise delivery tracking
  • Travel and booking: Immediate availability checks and instantaneous booking processes
  • E-learning: Real-time video lectures and interactive sessions
  • Supply chain: Instantaneous data syncing for streamlined logistics and operations
  • Healthcare: Immediate access to patient data with reliable equipment connectivity
  • Fleet management: Real-time vehicle tracking for optimized route planning
  • Agriculture and farming: Predictive weather analytics and real-time crop monitoring
  • Commercial real estate: Immediate property analytics for efficient facility management

Follow the path to fast, resilient operations

For some organizations, this infrastructure model can be challenging to employ and maintain, as cloud-adjacent infrastructure requires a combination of core elements. While there may be several deployment options available, to meet this specific collection of operating requirements, it is best delivered by a provider you can trust to provide the following components:

Bare metal servers enable cloud adjacency: Bare metal servers are physical servers dedicated to a single tenant, leveraging raw hardware power, and are free from performance impacts that come from shared resources or the virtualization layer. With this, they are ideal for resource-intensive applications that require low latency, as their proximity to the cloud offers capacity, flexibility, scalability, and on-demand burstability to manage fluctuating workloads rapidly.

Colocation delivers robust cloud adjacency services: Organizations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from adopting cloud adjacency as it provides the public cloud capabilities customers expect while meeting the operating requirements internal users, partners, and regulators demand.

Cloud on-ramps enable cloud adjacency too: For seamless connectivity between your cloud-adjacent colocation and cloud environment, cloud on-ramps create a direct connection with high bandwidth and low latency—transforming your cloud application experience.

Evocative brings cloud-adjacent architecture to life

When it comes to utilizing cloud-adjacent infrastructure, the industries, sectors, and use cases are infinite. However, the decisions you must make to succeed for your business can’t continue indefinitely. With the right infrastructure supported by the right partner, you can realize the benefits of your digital transformation faster than ever before.

With 20 carrier and cloud-neutral data centers and 32 global points of presence, Evocative has you covered regardless of the use case and the desired outcome. Our data center, interconnection, and bare metal services enable cloud-adjacent deployments for the enterprise.

Your decision to deploy your hybrid cloud infrastructure has become as simple as possible. We look forward to making your digital app and service transformations thrive on the right infrastructure.

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