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Supporting Causes That We Believe In

When it comes to charitable work and donations, there are lots of needs and lots of ways to meet those needs. In choosing our charitable goals, we carefully look at what values we want to represent and who we want to ally with to put these values into action. Evocative is constantly looking for new avenues to do this and dynamic ways to help charitable organizations thrive and help people. Here are some of the organizations and initiatives we are involved with and how we help.
Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is one of the best-known charitable organizations in the United States, and for good reason. They have been providing toys for children in need during the holiday season since 1947 and are still going stronger than ever today. Toys for Tots is a program that is run by the US Marines and along with toys, provides mentorship for millions of American children who are disenfranchised or in need. Since 1947, they have helped over 272 million children and delivered over 600 million toys.

Evocative has supported Toys for Tots through toy drives that resulted in boxes of toys being sent all over the country during the holiday season. These toys were hand-delivered by Marines and brought smiles to the faces of children all over. We will continue to support them and encourage you to do the same!
Shoe That Fits

Shoe That Fits

Shoes that Fit is an incredible organization based out of California that provides proper fitting shoes for children of all ages in need. By doing this, they build pride in young people, as well as mitigate some of the biggest factors in childhood bullying and shame. In the past 30 years, Shoes that Fit has provided over two million pairs of shoes to children in need, all across America. By building confidence and pride within these children, they encourage them to stay in school, participate in more activities, and take a large burden of worries off of their shoulders.

In just one year alone, Evocative has donated over $3,000 to this wonderful organization. By doing so, we’ve provided roughly 124 pairs of shoes to children. We will continue to support them and encourage you to do the same!

OC Food Bank

OC Food Bank is an incredible Community Action Partnership Program based out of Orange County, California. The organization aims to alleviate poverty and hunger through food donation and distribution all over Orange County. On average, the OC Food Bank distributes around 23 million pounds of food each year to the people in their community that are most in need. They distribute food to senior centers, youth organizations, and everyone in between. They even have a unique mobile food trolley that can provide meals on the go to towns and cities all over.

Evocative has built a long-standing relationship with the OC Food Bank since 2010. We have donated around 4,300 pounds of food since our partnership began and will continue to do so long-term. Learn more about how you can support them here!
Food Bank


Movember is an organization and movement that aims to address critical issues in men’s health. Though initially started as a way to fundraise for prostate and testicular cancer research and treatment, Movember now does the same for suicide prevention and mental health, too. This organization has been around since 2003 and is best known for their “no shave November” challenge, which fundraises through encouraging men to grow a mustache to raise awareness of the cause.

Evocative has supported Movember through selling Movember-themed merchandise, encouraging team members to participate in “no shave November”, and hosting a Movember-themed block party with our partners from Aerohive and Cradlepoint. Learn more about how you can support them here!

Help Us Find New Charities!

At Evocative, we are always committed to finding new charitable organizations to contribute to and partner with. If you have a favorite charity you donate to, or you know of some that you believe would fit the Evocative core values and mission, please let us know! We are always looking for ways to help those in need. We vet every organization before partnering with them and are open to a wide variety of charity themes and organizational types. Evocative is proud to give back and will continue to do so and grow how we do so as long as our company exists.

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