Evocative Data Centers
Data Centers
Gain access to Evocative’s robust interconnected network to leverage fast data transfer, hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity, and peak performance at the edge.

Evocative's data centers meet your customers where they are.

As organizations accelerate their hybrid cloud and edge computing strategies, the right security, connectivity, staff, and facilities are critical. Evocative’s data  center solutions are purpose-built with a wide range of colocation power, space, and support options, in addition to cloud, interconnectivity, and managed services options – all in strategically located metros with multiple unique carriers across every site. And when you leverage our data center services, you maintain control over your data while avoiding vendor lock-in. 

Evocative’s facilities are designed to keep your data safe, with stringent access controls and built-in compliance. With our robust global network backbone of 28 interconnected data centers and over 46 points of presence in 28 global edge markets, you can benefit from high-performance, low-latency connectivity, no matter your location.
Evocative Data Center Map

Data Centers


Phoenix, Arizona (PX1)


Emeryville, California (EM1)Santa Clara, California (SV3)San Jose, California (SV7)Los Angeles, California (LA2)El Segundo, California (LAX10)
Santa Clara, California
Santa Clara, California
El Segundo, California
Redondo Beach, California


Atlanta, Georgia

New Jersey

Secaucus, New Jersey

New York

Chappaqua, New York (NY2)


Somerville, Massachusetts


Plano, Texas (DA1)McKinney, Texas (DA2)Dallas, Texas (DA4)
Dallas, Texas


Reston, Virginia (DC1)


Seattle, Washington

High-Density Power & N+1 Cooling

High-Density power infrastructure backed by N+1 UPS system available in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations. We can provide you breakered or metered power.

  • Up to 20 KW of usable data center power per cabinet.
  • Branch circuit monitoring available.
  • 120V, 208V, or 3 Phase circuits available.
  • Voltage responsive automatic backup generator systems.
  • Hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment options available.
  • Air-side Economization.
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