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Unlike most of our competitors, Evocative offers a full suite of colocation, bare metal, network, cloud, and managed services with flexible environments and agreements to choose from.

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Through our colocation, network, bare metal, cloud, and managed services, Evocative provides all the critical building blocks that organizations can pick and choose from to drive their business forward.
Data Center Solutions
Evocative’s data center solutions offer a wide range of colocation power, space, and support options, in addition to cloud, interconnectivity, and managed services options–all in strategically located metros with multiple unique carriers across every site.
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Network Solutions
Evocative’s global network backbone lets you efficiently move data within the data center, between data centers, and between cloud platforms, so you can deliver enhanced end-user experiences while optimizing costs.
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Infrastructure Services
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Cloud Services
Evocative has custom cloud solutions that can be fine tuned for virtually any situation. Whether you are looking for a public, highly-scalable multi-tenant infrastructure, a private, dedicated computing and storage platform, or a hybrid approach, our experts can help you get the job done.
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Managed Services
As a trusted extension of your team, Evocative’s Managed Services can keep your business moving forward 24x7x365, with high-performance, ultra-secure, fully managed infrastructure.
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From the Cloud to the Edge, Evocative offers an array of services to fit your needs.

Discover our services by category below. Evocative also delivers on custom projects, so you can always contact us for a personalized quote.
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Data Center Services


Some companies require (or prefer) their own servers and networking equipment, but don’t want to manage their own network and server room. Here at Evocative, we’ve got you covered. By using our colocation services, you’ll have the guaranteed security of a state-of-the-art, third-party data center—but still be able to use your own preferred equipment.

We have solutions of all sizes, from custom cages to a single rack. We’ll provide remote out-of-band troubleshooting services and management in addition to our vTAC within each data center for bulletproof 24 x 7 monitoring and support.


No matter what your business, you’ll need dedicated web storage and computing power to house your website and other online services. Don’t settle for anything less than our industry-standard hosting solutions with servers that are lightning-fast, offer enhanced security, and have unmatched reliability.

Our Evocative bare metal servers are single-tenant servers that can be deployed and scaled seamlessly and are 100% dedicated to you. Additionally, our virtual hosting will allow you to utilize a private virtual server through Krypt ION, spun up on a dedicated single-tenant virtual machine.

Network Services

We’ll do more than get your network up and running– we’ll optimize it so you can maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and have less downtime. We’re experts at building the perfect network solutions for companies of all sizes, and we can design the perfect IT and networking infrastructure for your business. Stay flexible and profitable, and let us do the heavy lifting. What network services do you need?

We offer:
  • Fast internet connection that’s cost-effective: interconnect your business within the data center, between facilities, or across town (and skip Big Telecom)
  • DDoS Protection ensuring your critical applications won’t be subject to unnecessary downtime or latency from today’s rampant denial of service attacks
  • Over 40 Points of Presence in geographically diverse markets across the globe for high performance and minimal downtime
  • A carrier-neutral network allowing you to connect directly to more than 140 different carriers for the best, most cost-effective solution
Internet ConnectivityCloud ConnectivityCross Connects
Points of Presence

Cloud Services

Let us build you the perfect infrastructure using cloud technology. By creating a flawless cloud-based workflow, we’ll help improve productivity and give your company a competitive edge. By using our on-demand cloud resources, your team will have access to affordable, secure, and easy-to-use applications anywhere there’s an internet connection.

With Evocative Cloud, backup & DRaaS, VDI, public cloud, and even hybrid cloud offerings, we’ll address your organization’s specific needs, and help you migrate your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud.
Virtual Private Cloud
Bare Metal Cloud
Hybrid CloudVirtual Desktop

Managed Services

You didn’t go into business to handle technical issues every day. By using our inclusive managed IT solutions, you can leave the tech issues to us. Stop wasting your time troubleshooting and focus on the strategies and projects that will grow your revenue.

Evocative’s managed services offerings include (but are definitely not limited to):
  • Virtual help desk for proactive solutions and a fixed IT cost.
  • Server setup, support, admin, management, and maintenance.
  • Network set-up, management, and infrastructure down to the last router and switch.
  • Web security, including firewall, email security (including spam/phishing).
  • Managed SOC for 24x7 threat detection and incident response for peace of mind.
  • Need something else? Just ask.
Managed ServersManaged NetworkManaged Security
Service Desk
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