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Our state-of-the-art Los Angeles data centers provide limitless access to tier-1 cloud and network service providers

Los Angeles Data Center

Our LA2 data center combines the benefits of highly scalable, secure, and redundant facilities, with the peace of mind that comes with truly phenomenal connectivity
Los Angeles Data Center (LAX2)

El Segundo Data Center

Located in El Segundo just to the south of the airport, the LAX10 data center stands as the preeminent West Coast point of presence (POP) for all telecommunications providers.
El Segundo Data Center (LAX10)

Redondo Beach Data Center

Evocative’s Tier-3 data center is positioned to support businesses in the L.A. area and beyond by providing ultimate availability, performance and connectivity.
Redondo Beach Data Center (LAX14)

Why Choose Los Angeles for Colocation?

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles stands out in the data center landscape, known for its fusion of world-class digital infrastructure, diverse energy solutions, and its proximity to nearly 20 million people. These attributes along with access to a large IT talent pool make it an alluring hub for businesses seeking superior data center reliability and security.

At Evocative, we've gone beyond just recognizing Los Angeles's unique advantages. We've meticulously crafted our presence with colocation data centers strategically sited to maximize both local and regional connectivity. The commitment to exceptional availability and expansive reach is evident, making us the premier choice for organizations aiming for the pinnacle in data center services.

Leading the Way in Los Angeles: Evocative's Elite Colocation Offerings.

In the dynamic digital world of today, having a top-notch infrastructure is essential. Evocative’s data centers in Los Angeles stand as a testament to this dedication. Our certifications aren’t merely symbolic; they underscore our deep commitment to quality, security, and operational prowess.

In a world where connectivity is paramount, our Los Angeles centers provide a spectrum of connectivity solutions, each designed to meet diverse business demands. Whether businesses need swift data transfers or fortified connections for sensitive tasks, they can trust our LA colocation services to deliver.

Choosing Evocative means partnering with a leader who truly grasps and caters to the needs of the modern enterprise.
LAX14 Server Maintenance

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At Evocative, we understand that your data is your business. Our services are designed with an architecture that’s not only secure and compliant, but also open and flexible. 

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