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A leader in the heart of Silicon Valley

Evocative powers some of the worlds most influential brands in the technology capital of the world

Emeryville Data Center (OAK1)

Our enterprise-grade Emeryville data center is built from the ground up with security, availability, and compliance at its core.
Emeryville Data Center (OAK1)

Santa Clara Data Center (SJC3)

Our SV3 data center features state-of-the-art backup power, cooling, and network systems providing a safe and secure environment for any business's IT infrastructure.
Santa Clara Data Center (SJC3)

Santa Clara Data Center (SJC11)

Availability is crucial to the tech businesses in Silicon Valley and our Tier-3 data center design delivers.

Santa Clara Data Center (SJC14)

Our Tier-3 center in Santa Clara provides even more options for technology leaders in a high-demand area.

San Jose Data Center (SJC7)

Our San Jose data center has been providing exception digital experiences for our customers, uninterrupted, for the past 10 years.
San Jose Data Center (SJC7)

We are here to help, every day

At Evocative, we understand that your data is your business. Our services are designed with an architecture that’s not only secure and compliant, but also open and flexible. 

With Evocative, not only does your data stay private — you stay in total control of it, with the ability to facilitate the exchange of critical information across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with scalable solutions to choose from.
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