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Evocative powers some of the worlds most influential brands in the technology capital of the world!

Emeryville Data Center

Our state-of-the-art data center in Emeryville has been meticulously designed from the ground up, placing security, availability, and stringent compliance at the very heart of its architecture.
Emeryville Data Center (OAK1)

Santa Clara Data Center

Our SJC3 data center features state-of-the-art backup power, cooling, and network systems providing a safe and secure environment for any business's infrastructure.
Santa Clara Data Center (SJC3)

San Jose Data Center

Our San Jose data center has been consistently providing exceptional digital experiences for our valued customers, uninterrupted and reliably, for the past 10 years, proudly underlining our dedication to operational excellence.
San Jose Data Center (SJC7)

Santa Clara Data Center

In Silicon Valley, tech businesses can't afford downtime. Our Tier-3 data center in Santa Clara is designed with this in mind and guarantees consistent and reliable access to crucial data.

Santa Clara Data Center

Located centrally in Santa Clara, our Tier-3 data center boasts an array of high-performance solutions, specifically engineered to cater to the advanced requirements of leading technology innovators in this region.

Why Choose Silicon Valley For Colocation?

Silicon Valley is renowned in the data center arena, celebrated for its blend of cutting-edge digital framework, innovative energy solutions, and its closeness to the heart of global technological innovation. These qualities, combined with access to an unparalleled IT talent reservoir, make it a compelling destination for enterprises looking for unmatched data center performance and safety.

At Evocative, we've done more than just acknowledge Silicon Valley's distinct advantages. We've carefully established our presence with colocation data centers astutely located to optimize both local and international connectivity. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional uptime and broad access is clear, positioning us as the leading choice for companies striving for the zenith in data center services.
Silicon Valley

Why Choose Our Bare Metal Solutions in Silicon Valley?

Bare Metal Server Rack
In line with the dynamic needs of Silicon Valley, Evocative's bare metal solutions offer unmatched scalability, security, and performance. Be it for fintech ventures, research projects, or high-traffic collaboration platforms, our dedicated servers ensure that you experience unparalleled performance without any disruptions.

Our servers, housed in strategically positioned data centers across Silicon Valley, provide the perfect blend of flexibility and control. Deploy your desired OS, customize your configurations, and stay assured that your data remains isolated from "noisy neighbors." 

For businesses that prioritize efficiency, compliance, and world-class infrastructure, Evocative's bare metal solutions in Silicon Valley are the obvious choice. 

Where Silicon Valley's Top Leaders Turn for Premium Data Center Solutions

In today's dynamic digital world, superior infrastructure is paramount for businesses to thrive. Evocative's Silicon Valley data centers epitomize this dedication. Our certifications aren't merely badges; they represent our unwavering devotion to quality, security, resilience, and unparalleled excellence.

Recognizing the growing and multifaceted need for diverse connectivity, our Silicon Valley sites offer meticulously tailored solutions designed specifically for varied business demands. Whether it's rapid data transmission, secure connections for mission-critical tasks, or facilitating seamless communication, firms can confidently rely on our Silicon Valley colocation services.

Choosing to partner with Evocative means more than just business. It means aligning with a seasoned leader that truly understands, anticipates, and caters to the multifaceted needs of the modern enterprise.
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At Evocative, we understand that your data is your business. Our services are designed with an architecture that’s not only secure and compliant, but also open and flexible. 

With Evocative, not only does your data stay private — you stay in total control of it, with the ability to facilitate the exchange of critical information across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with scalable solutions to choose from.