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A Smarter Way to Direct Connect to the Cloud

Get direct connections to top providers with Evocative's CloudHop™ service 

With CloudHop™, the client is connected to the cloud service provider via Evocative’s Private network. It removes the multiple hop paths and provides for a direct connection to the Cloud Provider, and reduces network latency dramatically.

As the Internet continues to change, the direct connection will not be impacted. A single connection via CloudHop™ enables end users to obtain low cost latency to any of the Cloud Services providers, and allows for a Multicloud environment.

Cloud Hop

Direct Network Connectivity with CloudHop™

Evocative is the provider for world-class application driven networks. Only Evocative allows you to directly access your cloud application provider on the same network connection you use for your Internet and location-to-location connectivity. Evocative enables a secure, reliable direct connection to your cloud computing, storage, backup, and VOIP provider cloud application.
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Cloud Hop Diagram

CloudHop™ by Evocative

CloudHop™ is a revolutionary new way of connecting businesses with cloud application providers. CloudHop™ allows each customer to connect with multiple cloud providers on a private, dedicated network. This direct connection ensures more security, reliability, and unprecedented access than any available method today.

Benefits of CloudHop™ From Evocative

Access and Flexibility

Flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) paired with multiple protocols and turnkey options.

Reduced Latency

Point to point, high-speed, low latency connectivity.

Increased Reliability

Instead of crossing multiple networks, with CloudHop™ all your data is filtered through out Evocative's Network.

Enhanced Security

Private Secure connectivity with guaranteed network security and performance.

Improved Connectivity

Carrier-neutral with access to leading cloud providers with either dedicated or blended IP.

24/7/365 Support

We’ll manage your IT so you don’t have too. Our staff of expert technicians are always available 24/7/365.