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Steve Rubin

The Vital Role of IP Transit in Global Internet Access

Acting as a bridge between an ISP or customer network and the rest of the global Internet, IP transit enables traffic to flow and reach a desired destination by crossing—"transiting"—one or more transit provider networks, facilitating critical connectivity, communication, and data exchange between customers, partners, and service providers. IP transit plays an influential role in […]

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Steve Rubin

Steve Rubin

Steve Rubin is a 30+ year industry veteran and is the VP of Network Engineering at Evocative. In this role, he oversees all aspects of the company’s global network, ranging from the core backbone between data centers and markets to customer premise network access and the hardware and software that powers these connections. In addition, Steve manages the Security team, ensuring secure data transmission from customers and along the Evocative backbone.

Prior to Evocative, Steve managed the network engineering team at Crowdstrike, implementing and managing their global fiber, optical, and IP backbone. Previously, he was the co-founder, CEO and CTO of Layer42 Networks, which was successfully sold to Wave Broadband in 2015. Earlier in his career, Steve assisted many companies from inception including Napster, AboveNet Communications, Exodus Communications, Global Center, Aimnet, and Netcom. He is an active participant with many of the network groups shaping today’s Internet service offerings.