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Amplify Your AdTech Workload Performance with Evocative Metal

Discover how Evocative Metal revolutionizes AdTech performance with unmatched efficiency & control
December 18, 2023
In the AdTech space, contextual targeting thrives on real-time analytics and AI, requiring high-performance applications to deliver exceptional digital experiences. To best help your customers reach their audience, you need a high-performance infrastructure and efficiently managed workloads.

Some AdTech organizations turn to the public cloud for its flexibility and scale. But while the public cloud offers some benefits, it may not provide the right capabilities to support high-performance applications.

Some challenges and drawbacks of hosting AdTech workloads in the public cloud include:
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  • Unpredictable Costs: Moving data out of or between clouds can compound costs with variable and expensive egress fees.
  • Sudden Latency: Slowing down your real-time bidding by even a single millisecond can harm the reach of your customers’ campaigns.
  • Potential Leaks: Preventing leaks of valuable customer IP may be difficult due to limited control over public cloud environments.

Achieve Full Control with Evocative Metal

Hosting your AdTech applications and workloads on Evocative Metal gives you complete control over your hardware, while and reducing your maintenance efforts and overhead. Bare metal combines cost predictability, high performance, and enhanced security with the flexibility and scale of the cloud, supporting your data-intensive operations. As a single tenant, you don’t need to compete for bandwidth, CPU, and other resources, which can degrade your workload performance. And with locations across the world, Evocative builds customized bare metal solutions with on-site server support and the ability to bring your own software.

Control Costs

Leverage more predictable monthly billing as you process ad requests and customer data across environments with Evocative Metal. With no hidden fees or inflated egress charges, Evocative Metal helps you budget accurately and avoid cloud vendor lock-in. Our bare metal service can significantly reduce your infrastructure costs, as our customers have seen up to 80% savings when switching from public cloud to Evocative Metal.

Enhance Performance

Evocative Metal provides the high-performance, dedicated computing power required to serve video ads with low latency and execute AI workloads. With no hypervisor layer, Evocative Metal provides your workloads direct access to the hardware, enabling you to fine-tune them for the highest performance. Leverage Evocative’s Network Services to reduce latency and accelerate data transfer across key metros, empowering your customers to meet their ad buyers and sellers where they operate.

Increase Security

Isolate your sensitive workloads in dedicated environments with Evocative Metal and access hardware-level security protocols to reduce the risks to your data and your customers’ IP. Moreover, all Evocative data centers are optimized for security—from the physical security of our facilities to the operational security of our staff.
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Meet Compliance and ESG Goals

The dedicated compute environments from Evocative Metal make it easier to comply with SSAE, SOC, ISAE, PCI, and other AdTech regulations. Also, Evocative’s data centers are built and operated with power and cooling efficiencies, water conservation, and renewable energy. Low PUE usage further helps ensure predictable costs. Evocative’s commitment to sustainable data centers can help contribute towards meeting your ESG goals.

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