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IP Transit

Fast, secure, fault-tolerant Internet access with a variety of packages to choose from.

Flexible, carrier-neutral, network-grade connectivity

We have all experienced the headache induced by working with Big Telecom. Skip the long service delivery times and bad customer service by choosing Internet connectivity with Evocative. Our service quickly provides your business with a fast, fault-tolerant Internet connection in a cost-effective package.

Benefits from IP Transit from Evocative

Fault Tolerance

Evocative has a resilient, multi-vendor network infrastructure connecting to several Tier 1 Internet backbones via multihomed BGP. With this globally-connected infrastructure in place, we are able to provide our customers with a “blended” Internet connection – a connection that is not reliant on a single provider to reach the Internet. This type of connection guarantees that a single provider’s outage will not cause downtime for your business.

Fast & Scalable

Just as important as being fault-tolerant, Evocative’s Internet service is scalable. We can provide your circuit with a committed information rate (CIR) from 50 Mbps all the way up to 400 Gbps. As your needs change, the CIR can always be scaled up or down. Additionally, if you only need higher bandwidth occasionally, we can allow for temporary bursts above the CIR for on-demand bandwidth needs. Note that bursts above the CIR incur an overage charge.

Flexible Delivery

Many options are available to ensure that your circuit will be delivered in a customized way to suit your business needs. For example, IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses can be leased through Evocative, or feel free to bring your own registered block of IP addresses. Furthermore, routing can be simply static routing, or dynamic routing can be configured with BGP. With BGP, bringing your own public ASN is welcomed, but not required.

Expert Support

Internet through Evocative provides an exceptional experience that you won’t be able to find with Big Telecom. Not only will real-time and historical reporting be available online through your my.evocative.com customer portal, but our in-house NOC, filled with highly certified network experts, is always just a simple phone call or email away. In addition to responding to your inquiries, our team will be proactively monitoring your connection 24x7x365.

We are here to help,
every day

At Evocative, we understand that access to an available, helpful, and knowledgeable support staff is just as important as your infrastructure when it comes to enterprise business growth.

That’s why, as your trusted partner, we answer when you call. We’re here for the long-term to support you with a higher level of service than you can get virtually anywhere else.