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Virtual Machine

Enjoy private virtual servers on a dedicated single-tenant virtual machine without sharing that environment with other customers.

Fully customizable and private virtual servers

Get the flexibility of the cloud in a secure and dedicated private environment. Our Virtual Hosting comes complete with full root access, total control of your servers environment – from the running operating system to the remote reboot access. Now you can deploy instantly and scale seamlessly on Evocative’s global network.

Benefits of a virtual server from Evocative

24/7/365 Support

We’ll manage your IT so you don’t have too. Our staff of expert technicians are always available 24/7/365, guaranteeing 100% uptime SLA.

Activate in Minutes

Rapid deployment on a dependable network from anywhere, at any time.

Complete OS Control

Have the ability to select your own operating system. We offer both Windows and Linux operating systems in virtually any configuration you need. 

National Locations

Build geographically redundant infrastructure with our prime data center locations in key markets. We currently offer Virtual Hosting in Los Angeles, Singapore, and Silicon Valley.

Redundant Security

From firewalls to vulnerability scans we’ve got you covered. We run routine security maintenance to ensure your site is always secure and protected.

100% Scalable Infrastructure

Buy what you need when you need to. Our scalable infrastructure is readily available the moment you need to grow.
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