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Our top rated cloud solutions enable you to modernize your application portfolio and provide resources on demand to give you a competitive edge.

Making the Cloud Work for
Your business

Discover our full range of cloud solutions and services, designed to help you migrate your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud.
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Public Cloud Connect

Evocative’s enterprise-class Cloud Connectivity solutions enable you to extend the reach of your infrastructure by directly connecting to a large ecosystem of major public cloud providers. 
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Private Cloud

If you’re looking for a service that is as scalable and affordable as the public cloud but on a dedicated network, look no further than Evocative’s Private Cloud.
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About Our Cloud Services

At Evocative, we have custom solutions that can fit business and individual IT needs at scale, at an amazing value. Our cloud hosting services and solutions are designed to help with any sized migration project. Superior cloud hosting services are crucial to keeping your data safe and secure, and migrating them requires efficiency with little room for error.

Migrating an organization’s IT infrastructure can seem difficult but it’s not as tough as you may think with the right planning. That means doing research on what exactly needs transferring as well as recruiting knowledgeable professionals to take care of it. These steps will help make sure everything is done properly from start to finish in order to avoid future headaches. After all, nobody wants to deal with data loss and its repercussions.

Discover our full range of cloud solutions and services, designed to help you migrate your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Services You Can Rely On

Evocative provides cloud hosting services that are reliable, efficient, and adaptable on the fly when needed. For far too long, unreliable service models have caused headaches for small and large businesses who are simply searching for smooth and reliable cloud hosting services. With these custom cloud hosting solutions from Evocative, you get accountability and consistency on a minute-by-minute level. 

We are here to help,
every day

At Evocative, we understand that access to an available, helpful, and knowledgeable support staff is just as important as your infrastructure when it comes to enterprise business growth.

That’s why, as your trusted partner, we answer when you call. We’re here for the long-term to support you with a higher level of service than you can get virtually anywhere else.
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