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What Is Public Cloud Connect?

Cloud connect is a technology that enables a direct and secure connection between an on-premises data center or infrastructure and a public or private cloud provider. This technology bypasses the public internet to equip organizations to reliably, quickly, and more securely access resources like data and applications in the cloud

Why Is Public Cloud Connect Needed?

Organizations opt for cloud connect solutions for various reasons. Performance is often a priority, and dedicated connections can offer higher bandwidth, leading to faster data access and responsiveness. Security is another primary consideration, as cloud connect can offer a safer data transmission route compared to the open internet, reducing exposure to potential cyber threats. Reliability is also enhanced, delivering consistent connectivity with less potential for disruptions from internet congestion or outages.

Dedicated connections can also offer lower latency, which translates to faster data transfers. This difference is especially notable in applications requiring real-time data exchanges, such as video conferencing or critical business applications. As organizations diversify into hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, public cloud connect solutions seamlessly bridge on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud environments, enhancing data and application interoperability across platforms.

Benefits of Cloud Connect

Public cloud connect allows customers to connect with multiple cloud providers on a private, dedicated network. Here are the top advantages:

Enhanced Security

Reduce the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks by avoiding the public internet.

Improved Performance

Gain stable, high-speed, low-latency connectivity.


Adapt solutions easily to accommodate increased traffic and data transfer.

Increased Reliability

Experience fewer disruptions with dedicated connections.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce the need for over-provisioning with flexible service level agreements (SLAs).

24/7/365 Support

Get support from expert technicians who are always available.

Why Would an Organization Use a Public Cloud Connect?

An organization may need to:
  • Ensure a fast and reliable connection between data center and public cloud.
  • Boost security with state-of-the-art measures to protect data.
  • Optimize costs with tailored solutions to ensure the most investment value.
  • Integrate seamlessly with various cloud platforms and on-premises infrastructures.
  • Leverage the expertise of top networking technical support.

How to Choose a Public Cloud Connect?

  1. Speed: What are my current and future data transfer needs, bandwidth requirements, and desired connection speeds?
  2. Scale: Can the cloud connect scale to match my organization's growing cloud requirements?
  3. Compatibility: Is the cloud connect compatible with my existing infrastructure and the cloud providers I prefer?
  4. Security: What security protocols and features, such as encryption and dedicated private connections, does the cloud connect offer?
  5. Cost: What is the pricing structure of the cloud connect? Are there any hidden or additional fees I should be aware of? Does it fit within my budget?

Ensure Faster, Reliable, and Secure Cloud Connections with Evocative CloudHop™

Evocative CloudHop™ service offers direct and efficient connections to leading cloud service providers. Through Evocative's exclusive private network, clients can seamlessly connect to their chosen cloud service provider, bypassing the conventional multi-hop pathways.

This direct approach not only minimizes network latency but also ensures that the connection remains unaffected even as the Internet landscape evolves. Evocative enables a secure, reliable, direct link to your cloud computing, storage, backup, and VOIP provider cloud application. CloudHop™ guarantees enhanced security, unparalleled reliability, and direct access, positioning itself as an unmatched solution in today's market.
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