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Digital Infrastructure Is IT’s Foundation

What Is Digital Infrastructure?

Digital infrastructure is all of the various digital technologies that form the foundation of IT, including physical and software-based infrastructure. Data centers and cloud form the backbone of digital infrastructure, supporting the delivery of digital products and services. Digital infrastructure includes networking, servers, virtualization, and operating systems.

Why Is Digital Infrastructure Needed?

Digital infrastructure is necessary to provide and scale digital services. As technology trends change, so must infrastructure architecture. Without this agility, organizations may lose competitive advantage and struggle to modernize.

Benefits of Digital Infrastructure

The core of reliable and flexible operations, digital infrastructure is helping businesses meet their transformation goals.

Greater Agility

Enable business flexibility and resilience to meet changing demands.

Increased Scale

Provide a better customer experience with the ability to scale instantly.

Better Flexibility

Reduce maintenance and the risk of downtime with modern infrastructure.

Why Would an Organization Choose to Modernize their Digital Infrastructure?

An organization may need to:
  • Support new technologies such as IoT and AI
  • Upgrade without disruption to operations
  • Increase the pace of software releases with infrastructure as code
  • Achieve other digital transformation goals

How to Choose the Right Digital Infrastructure for Your Business

  1. Assessment: What is your current infrastructure and what are its shortfalls? What are your usage levels and performance?
  2. Goals: What goals does a new digital infrastructure need to meet? Can you anticipate future goals?
  3. Capabilities: What does the provider offer in terms of hardware, networking, or hyperconvergence?
  4. Management: How will the new infrastructure be managed? Do you plan to self-manage or choose a managed service?
  5. Timeline: How fast can you move to new digital infrastructure? How intensive is the migration?

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