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Increase Connectivity Reliability with Blended IP Services from Evocative

How Evocative IP Meets the Evolving Demands of Today's Digital Workloads
March 19, 2024
Reliable internet connectivity is the lifeblood of today’s digital businesses and demands upon your networks will continue to increase. Research predicts that the average enterprise will have over 9,000 devices connected to its network by 2025.(1)

Unreliable connectivity can devastate an organization by zapping its productivity, jeopardizing its mission, and hurting its bottom line. Network outages can inflict substantial financial tolls on businesses, as customers can’t complete transactions and employee work may stall. Downtime costs range from $1.1 million per hour for retail to $6.48 million for brokerage service firms.(2) Outages can also cause havoc by preventing public sector organizations from providing essential services and delaying healthcare providers from delivering patient care.

In addition, many organizations today require higher bandwidth and lower latency than traditional ISPs can provide. Blended IP services deliver the resilience required to power high-bandwidth, low-latency connections between enterprise sites, data centers, edge locations, and users. By integrating multiple Tier-1 providers, a blended IP service creates a network with greater reliability and performance than a single carrier can provide.
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Ways to Use a Blended IP Service

Bring the improved reliability of blended IP services to your business to improve connectivity in multiple areas:
  • Main internet access: Use a blended IP service for your primary IP transit needs to get scalable bandwidth and flexible routing options.
  • Backup internet access: Make a blended IP service your backup option for carrier-direct services. It can augment your primary service and provide flexibility.
  • Management access: Add a blended IP service to manage servers and networks on a separate channel from your primary internet or when your primary internet isn’t available.

Get Unmatched Reliability with Evocative

Evocative IP is a blended IP service that includes direct connections to the internet and all Evocative data centers and points of presence, providing reliable connectivity for uninterrupted business operations.
Typical Network Design
Evocative IP Network
The path-diverse solution provides multiple routes for data travel. This means if any one route has a problem, information can still be sent using an alternate path. Redundant communication paths increase reliability by mitigating network failures.

Compared to the industry standard of just two carriers per site, Evocative IP delivers three to four ISPs across all sites, offering a redundant architecture that can route traffic efficiently to other providers in the event of an outage and eliminate single points of failure.
With Evocative IP, you can quickly upgrade your network reliability, scalability, and performance by activating a connection to a Tier-1 ecosystem in just 72 hours. Ease the burden on your IT team, as Evocative IP is backed by 24x7x365 service monitoring and management via Evocative’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

Offering a Committed Information Rate (CIR) range from 10Mbps to 400Gbps, flexible port and routing options, and support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, Evocative enables you to achieve predictable performance SLAs at your desired CIR. Plus, with one consolidated bill for your internet and data center operations, you can simplify the procurement and payment processes.
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Evocative is dedicated to driving digital businesses forward, and Evocative IP delivers the ideal combination of high performance, flexible, and reliable internet connectivity to meet the evolving demands of your devices and workloads. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about how Evocative IP can propel your business.
1. Palo Alto Networks and Strata, 2023 IoT Security Benchmark Report, June 2023.
2. Pingdom, Average Cost of Downtime per Industry, January 2023.
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Evocative is a global leader in Internet infrastructure, providing enterprise-class data center, network, and bare metal solutions that enable exceptional digital experiences. Evocative’s global footprint includes interconnected data centers and Points of Presence across strategically located metros in North America, Europe, and Asia regions. Through organic growth and strategic acquisition, the company continues to expand its presence to power enterprise workloads at the edge. Evocative is dedicated to helping drive digital businesses forward, now and in the decades to come.