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VPLS Partners with Polargy to Increase Power Density for Post-Production Client’s Colocation Environment

January 20, 2022

We’re excited to announce that, through our partnership with Polargy, we have successfully completed the installation of a new cold aisle containment system to support a client’s high-density computing needs.

During the past year, VPLS’s post-production client experienced significant growth, but their colocation infrastructure was not seamlessly scaling with them.  The client needed to consolidate their infrastructure to support future expansions while reducing costs.

As a solution, VPLS built a colocation footprint specifically using containment techniques rather than with traditional power configurations. This design allowed the client to engage in high-density computing in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner.

“We’ve worked with VPLS for many years,” states the client’s Director of Communications. “We know we can always count on them to custom-tailor the appropriate solution for our ever-changing needs.”

VPLS selected Polargy as the structured containment partner due to Polargy’s history of quality service and competitive pricing. Using Polargy’s containment technology, VPLS created an isolated containment aisle for the client, which offered thermal safety for mission-critical applications and data. In turn, the client can now push their colocation configuration to a much higher power density.

“We are proud to work with VPLS to provide a more flexible aisle containment solution,” adds Blake Ferras, Account Executive from Polargy. “Their team’s deep industry knowledge allows them to make the best decisions regarding Polargy for their customers.”

VPLS is committed to offering our clients the energy-efficient and cost-effective systems that will help them achieve their goals. In this case, using the cold aisle containment system was the best choice; it is a greener configuration that will significantly reduce the PUE of the client’s environment. We are proud to partner with Polargy to help our client achieve this goal. ~Jay Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Data Centers at VPLS

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