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Evocative Launches Enterprise Bare Metal Solution: Evocative Metal

Evocative Metal provides exceptional performance, greater control, and fast deployment
The Evocative Team
November 15, 2023

Los Angeles, CA, November 15, 2023 - Evocative, a global provider of Internet infrastructure, today announces the availability of Evocative Metal, an enterprise bare metal service. The service helps enterprise customers evolve their workload strategies with a scalable and cost-effective solution that rivals the performance, control, and flexibility of traditional public cloud options. 

Evocative Metal

With 25 years of expertise, Evocative leverages its experience in cloud adjacent infrastructure to enable a scalable solution that helps enterprise customers manage their IT workloads. Evocative Metal is a high-performance, customizable bare metal server solution that provides ultimate control, greater performance and flexible deployment options for resource-intensive applications, promising streamlined management and ongoing cost-management. Evocative Metal is supported by Evocative’s global data center network spanning over 20 colocation facilities and 60 Points of Presence, including major metropolitan areas such as Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and more. 

“Bare metal servers provide a solution to challenges many organizations are facing with the public cloud,” said Derek Garnier, CEO at Evocative. “We developed Evocative Metal because we believe that bare metal and hybrid IT are the future of the industry. It is critical that as our industry continues to innovate, enterprises can scale their CPU and GPU intensive workloads to incorporate new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, which could face limitations with traditional cloud solutions. This is an exciting moment for us and our customers as we bring Evocative Metal to market.” 

Evocative Metal provides essential compute power to support data-intensive workloads for AdTech, FinTech, gaming, research labs, AI/Machine Learning, and more. Evocative developed its latest solution in response to an increasing market demand for hybrid IT environments that incorporate a purpose-built combination of public cloud and on-premises deployments to effectively manage growing workloads. 

Evocative Metal was designed with next-generation performance in mind. Customers can utilize Evocative’s new bare metal solution to manage resource-intensive workloads with the following benefits: 

  • High Performance: Experience increased performance and lower latency with greater processing power.  
  • Complete Control: Gain direct access to compute resources and hardware-level performance for ultimate control and security. 
  • Increased Security: Isolate sensitive workloads with 100% single-tenancy and access hardware-level security protocols. 
  • Fast and Flexible Deployment: Customizable options and the ability to bring your own software and design your own environment. 

To learn more about how Evocative Metal can support your business, visit:  https://evocative.com/services/bare-metal/ 

For a consultation overview of Evocative Metal, visit:  https://evocative.com/contact-us/ 

About Evocative 

Evocative is a global leader in Internet infrastructure, providing enterprise-class data center, network, and bare metal solutions that enable exceptional digital experiences. Evocative’s global footprint includes interconnected data centers and Points of Presence across strategically located metros in North America, Europe, and Asia regions. Through organic growth and strategic acquisition, the company continues to expand its presence to power enterprise workloads at the edge. Evocative is dedicated to helping drive digital businesses forward, now and in the decades to come.  

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The Evocative Team

Evocative is a global Internet infrastructure provider, helping our customers with enterprise-class data center, interconnection, and bare metal services to enable exceptional digital experiences. ​

Our service-obsessed team is dedicated to delivering a higher level of service than you can get virtually anywhere else.​

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