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Future Proof Your IT Workloads
Leverage colocation services to enable a workload placement strategy with optimized security, performance, availability, and cost.

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Cloud-native deployments offer countless benefits, but they’re only part of the journey to maximizing the value of your IT investments. By going “all in” on the public cloud, you may not be optimizing your workloads for performance, costs, and security in the ways that suit your business model.

A mature IT strategy calls for strategic workload placement, that starts with assessing your current environments and aligning them with the needs of your business. Evocative can help you identify your best path forward. Our colocation services are tightly integrated with our full suite of data center, cloud, bare metal, network, and managed services to help you build your digital future seamlessly.
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2023 Research

According to Gartner:

For most organizations, running 100% of workloads in the public cloud or on-premises is not the best option.
Most organizations benefit from an optimal mix of on-premises, edge, colocation and cloud options.
By 2027, 85% of the workload placements made until 2022 will no longer be optimal, due to changing requirements.
Market Research Report

Evocative's Hybrid Cloud and Colocation Report

Read the latest Market Research on Cloud and Workload Placement Strategies in 2023

Benefits of Optimized Workload Placement

Optimizing workload placement has numerous benefits that can significantly improve your organization's operations.
Security & Compliance
Establish consistent secure access strategies and implement data sovereignty requirements uniformly.
Increased Governance & Control
Gain increased visibility and control over sensitive workloads while avoiding vendor lock-in.
Cost Control
Cost Predictability
Leverage your preferred consumption model for each individual workload by factoring in usage characteristics, seasonality, and more.
Fast Network
Improved Performance
Place your workloads closer to your end-users and reduce the volume of data having to travel across distances.
Infrastructure Availability
Consistently have in place the correct infrastructure to enable dynamic workloads.

Maturing Your Workload Placement Strategy: How Colocation Can Help

Gain insights on what other technology leaders are considering when optimizing their workload placement strategy.

How Can Evocative Help You Build Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

With 20 edge data centers and 60 points of presence, flexible IT deployment, full range of management options, and carrier-neutral network access, our solutions are purpose-built to help you power the demanding workloads of tomorrow.

World-Class Facilities

Our facilities are audit-ready, properly air conditioned with ample cooling, and offer full redundancy, uninterrupted power, and state of the art security.

Full Suite of Services

A full suite of colocation, network, cloud, bare metal, and managed services that you can pick and choose from as your needs evolve over time.

High-Performance Infrastructure

Infrastructure designed to enable high-performance and low-latency connections.

Public Cloud Connectivity

Public cloud connectivity with L2 and elastic SDN connectivity available.

Global Reach

We offer a reliable  network backbone with
availability that’s able to
span across multiple geo-
locations around the globe.


Scale your virtual cloud
infrastructure across Evocative’s colocation
and managed services for
maximum flexibility, while
leveraging our interconnected network.


Whether you deploy a bare metal or virtual server, you can harness the privacy of
dedicated, single-tenancy


Evocative’s cloud servers are hosted inside Evocative data centers, which have stringent security requirements and compliance certifications.

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Colocation Whitepaper

Navigating the Journey to Hybrid Cloud: The Advantages of Colocation Data Centers

Read this analyst whitepaper to learn how colocation provides flexibility for evolving business requirements, supports application modernization, and improves IT governance.

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