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Aspera has grown with the Evocative from a compact cabinet and a 1G connection to a full size cabinet    and a dedicated 10G connection. Prices are competitive, the location is secure, availability is 24/7, and the Evocative crew have been great in providing us with everything we need.

Charles Shiflett
Senior Software Engineer
Aspera - an IBM Company
What Our Clients Say About Us
Match Analysis
Match Analysis has been with Evocative since 2004 because its ideal for local colocation with access to our servers 24x7. The uptime and security is great (only lost network connectivity once, for less than 5 minutes, in 10+ years). Also, the Site Team is technically savvy and able to assist whenever we need help.

Mark Brunkhart
Match Analysis
Lumious, LLC
Over two Decades and several firms, the one constant has been my primary data center on 65th Street in Emeryville. The facility is superb and the staff top notch. Whether it's a fast growing startup, an international SAAS, or specialized secure services for Fortune 50 clients, Evocative in Emeryville is an excellent choice.

Bruce Alton Carlson
Lumious, LLC

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