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Power You Want And Need

Our customers never have to be worried about the power that can be delivered to their servers.

We provide enough power and cooling to run the most computationally intensive systems around., and due to our flexible environment, getting more power, space, or cooling, is only a phone call away
Flexible, Secure, Cost-Effective
Security, Connectivity and Infrastructure

We understand the dangers of data theft and thus we have invested heavily in our physical and network security.

Whether it be our multiply factor, bio-metric security systems, or intensive background checks that are performed with key vendors, you can rest assured that your information is secure.

With the myriad of regulations, security concerns and importance of your platforms, choosing the right partner is key.

We understand that nanoseconds make the difference between huge profits and losses, and we also know how to deliver high-performance and cost effective solutions that still allow for regulatory oversight. Our team of professionals is experienced, dedicated and ready to meet all your needs.
A High-Performance Solution

We have purposefully situated ourselves in key locations that businesses are constantly looking to grow into an reach. Our California data center campus is purposefully positioned to serve low-latency, high-density requirements with direct connection to the largest connectivity providers.

This Evocative campus can support up to 50% lower TCO on data center space than other facilities, and still has access to almost all major networks for performance-sensitive applications.
Reliable Security And Disaster Recovery

Evocative provides a diverse mix of security initiatives designed to ensure mission-critical systems are protected at all times.

As your business requirements become more stringent, you can be confident that Evocative has the safeguards and procedures in place to protect your IT infrastructure and business continuity.
About Us

Evocative owns and operates secure, compliant, highly available data centers.
We are the trusted guardians of our clients Internet infrastructure
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