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Connectivity/Cross Connect
Best-in-Class Flexibility and Performance

Over the past decade, we have identified some of the pivotal points that make a data center ideal for customers. We found that agility, and flexibility  to adapt to changing environments were pivotal.  Equally as important, the ability to constantly provide hi levels of performance.
Convergence Of The Hybrid Cloud

By 2016, 60% of IT work will take place in the cloud,and by 2017, cloud applications will account for 84% of mobile traffic. At Evocative, we understand the needs of the cloud and hosting providers, and we have tailored our solutions with your needs in mind. Some examples include: standardized metered power per circuit similar to elastic computing, and affordable cross connects to ensure low price per Gbps.
100% Uptime

We live in a constantly connected world, which is why anything less than 100% uptime is unacceptable. By measuring key metrics of power, temperature and connectivity, we ensure that you are always available for your customers needs. We are constantly investing and improving our data centers to ensure that you never have to worry about this.
Secure, Reliable Data Center Solutions

Evocative has been delivering flexible, tailored data center solutions for more than a decade. We’ve built our reputation around making it easy for our customers to do business with us and, in turn, they’ve rewarded us with loyalty and satisfaction that’s among the highest in our industry.

From our account management team to our engineers, architects and dedicated in-house security professionals, we‘re committed to delivering the best solutions and customer experiences in our business.
About Us

Evocative owns and operates secure, compliant, highly available data centers.
We are the trusted guardians of our clients Internet infrastructure
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