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Management Team
Derek Garnier
President & COO

Derek is the President & COO of Evocative and brings with him 29 years of provider experience in datacenter, network, and compute. Prior to joining Evocative, Derek served as CEO ofLayer42 Networks, which was acquired by Wave Broadband in 2015, with Derek assuming the position of SVP Data Center Services for Wave.

Derek has held both management and engineering roles at many of top internet infrastructure providers including QTS Datacenters, United Layer, AboveNet Communications, SiteSmith, Global Crossing, Global Center, MFS Datanet, and Cabletron Systems. Derek also moderates industry panels, participates in public speaking, both at industry events and on radio, as well as provides consult for investors and companies during M&A processes.

We are dedicated, experienced Internet entrepreneurs with a deep passion for what we do.
Arman Khalili (CEO)
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Evocative owns and operates secure, compliant, highly available data centers.
We are the trusted guardians of our clients Internet infrastructure
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