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Core Values
At Evocative our core values are demonstrated in how we treat all our clients, employees, investors, partners and vendors.
We believe in a “win-win” scenario as the enduring method of conducting business.
Relationships over Contracts
We believe in lasting relationships over short term contracts.
Listen First
Great ideas overcome bad ones, so we listen and accept the best ideas, regardless of source.
Clients Come First
We are founded on the basis that we are our client's "Trusted Internet Infrastructure Guardians".  
We will always make recommendations that are in the best interest of our clients.
We do what we promise. We strive to meet our commitments to our clients and stakeholders.
Superior Client Focus
We do our best to deliver a superior customer experience.
About Us

Evocative owns and operates secure, compliant, highly available data centers.
We are the trusted guardians of our clients Internet infrastructure
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